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Dubai is famously known as "The City of Gold". It gets this name as a result of being the biggest trading centre for gold and a city that imports tons of gold from leading gold manufacturers across the globe. This has given rise to a flourishing business of jewellery in Dubai, which is second best to none. Owing to its free trade zones and variety in jewellery designs and styles, Dubai is a shopper’s paradise. Since most of the jewellery across the world is made from gold, Dubai is frequented by tourists who especially come looking for some cheap but trendy purchases.

The city of Dubai is famous for its biggest retail gold market, called as the Gold Souk that houses as many as 275 gold retailers in an area covering just half a square kilometre of land. Statistics say that 95% of tourists, who visit Dubai, end up buying gold jewellery. This staggering figure gives you a rough idea about the abundance of jewellery shopping in Dubai. The Souk is a place with lots of narrow streets and shops that are so close to each other with flashing and shining jewels at display, you will feel as if you have entered a different world altogether. The prices vary substantially at different stores based on the type of jewellery, work and quality of metal used in the making. The Dubai Gold Souk is a place that leaves you astonished with the sheer amount of gold jewels on display.

The most high profile and variety rich stores in Dubai are the Damas, Taiba and Meena Jewellers. Not just these, but there are many more jewellers are working in the city which are famous like Samra, Prima Gold, Mamiya, Levant...

Damas is a gold superstore that has the most number of international brands of jewellery brands. They have branches in many countries, but their store in Dubai is the one that stands out amongst the rest. With marvellous designs and fashions from Dubai jewellery designers from all parts of the world, Damas offers a rich and abundant variety of jewels. Their collection includes engagement rings, diamond necklaces, rings, necklaces, bracelets...

The Taiba jewellery store in Dubai is an online jewellery store that has the best collection of yellow and white gold. Its extensive range of jewels and precious stones can be accessed by users from across the world that will give them a user experience so rich that will make you feel like you have walked into a jewellery store, while being in your comfort at home.

Another well-renowned jewellery store in Dubai is Meena Jewellers located in the Indian District in Dubai. Originally belonging to Hyderabad in India, this jewellery store is known for its artistic designs and patterns, which the hyderabadis from India infuse their culture and beautiful workmanship into every piece of metal they work on. They specialize in 22-carat gold ornaments apart from the many varieties of Dubai jewellery at their disposal.

With a variety of brands and abundance of gold, shopping in Dubai is a worthy experience for tourists that they will cherish for a long time. The differentiating factor being quality products at low prices is what makes Dubai a jewellery-shopping destination.