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An engagement ring is the ultimate sign of love and commitment. Seal your commitment to your loved one with a spectacular engagement ring from one of Dubai's top jewellers. There are plenty of ring designs to choose from and they come in western style, eastern style and traditional style impressions. Given the large variety of engagement rings in Dubai and the lower prices each attracts, it is not surprising that many people choose to pick their engagement rings when transiting through the emirate, working there or visiting for holiday or otherwise.

Dubai engagement rings are made from gold, diamond, silver, or platinum and encrusted with one of numerous precious stones. Each ring design features a specific cut and clarity level, factors that also have a bearing on the ring's price. Rings with more precise cuts, rare cuts and fewer imperfections cost a lot more. But they are also more brilliant and possess a definite sparkle that is not as bright in other rings. All these are factors you will need to bear in mind as you consider buying your engagement ring because they have a direct bearing, not just on the price of the ring, but on its quality too.

Do you have a design in mind? Or perhaps you want a replica of a model you've seen somewhere before. If you know the model name and number, it will be easy to trace it at the jewellery shops. If all you have is an impression on your mind, the shop assistants will likely show you pieces that match your description to see if it's one of those. If you are totally clueless on what ring to pick, you'll find enough inspiration at the shop. Many stores have dozens of different designs and several collections of engagement rings, so you can identify the rings that catch your attention. Set these aside as you look through more rings. When you are satisfied with the number you've seen, go back to the rings you hand picked and sort them further, eliminating them till you're left with the ring that you like best.

Gold engagement rings, diamond rings, gold and diamond engagement rings, diamond and silver engagement rings, sterling silver engagement rings, gold and silver engagement rings, platinum engagement rings, and platinum and silver engagement rings are some of the most popular ring metal combinations used to make Dubai engagement rings. To add zing the rings, different precious stones can be added. Popular stones chosen for engagement rings are rubies, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, opal, quartz, and tanzanite. From yellow gold and rose gold to white, silver and metallic, engagement rings come in a range of colors. The stones too can be of a bright shiny color such as red, pink, violet, or green.

Find the perfect engagement ring in Dubai's jewellery shops. See a wide variety of engagement rings to choose from at the various gold souks in Dubai - Deira Gold Souq, Gold & Diamond Park, Dubai Mall Gold Souq - and shopping malls where the largest number of jewellery shops are located.